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I specialise in food and travel content and work with a variety of clients including Tesco Real Food Online, British Airways, Emirates Open Skies, and IAG Cargo. I also self publish at theguiri.co.uk and am currently in the process of publishing my first recipe book. At the moment, I’m working as content editor for British Airways’ The Club, BA.com and special projects.

Have a glance at some of my work on my portfolio page or if you’re looking for an audit, edit, some creative copy or a spot of content planning, just drop me a line at (ross.clarke@yahoo.co.uk) or using the snazzy contact form below.

About me

Every year I try to do at least one thing that is completely out of my comfort zone. Recently this has included moving to a small island in the Atlantic Ocean, eating raw chicken on purpose in Japan and learning to ballroom dance. I use every available opportunity to travel, explore and document new experiences, cultures and cuisines.

I am passionate about my homeland of Wales but I can’t get enough of Spain and Spanish culture. It’s my ambition to drive the full length and breadth of Spain, from Galicia to El Hierro, visiting every autonomous region in between including the Balearic Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands tasting and reporting on the best local cuisine.

I’m always looking to meet new people to work and collaborate with.

All the best,

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